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perfect for the new year :D

perfect for the new year :D

long time no text post

hey, everybody! i hope you’re finishing of 2013 on a high note, whether or not the past twelve months have brought you joy or heartache…or both. because, honestly, that’s the likeliest scenario. 

i’ve been watching my follower count for a while and waiting to hit 2000 followers for honestly a good amount of time. i’m very happy to report that i just checked and we’re at 2003! 

i know i’m not the most prolific tumblr account ever, but new cinelessons are always on my mind and a request puts a big smile on my face! i’m always checking and even in the busiest times of my schedule, i’m brainstorming new posts for you guys. 

so put a movie in when you’re drinking your champagne (or sparkling apple cider, either way) tonight. and here’s to more films and more lessons in 2014 :D